This weekend i went to see  MGMT at festival here in Monterrey Mexico called Hellow Festival, i saw them on first row and it was amazing, after the concert ended, I and 2 more friends went to look for them in backstage, we couldn´t see them all but we saw Andrew Vanwyngarden, we talk a few minutes about their songs and next concerts they will offer in Mexico, he drew very original things in our arms , bags , and even on my payroll, he was so kind and humble, i saw them for the first time on 2008 and i hadn’t had the chance to see them again, but  i feel that  6 years waiting for this, totally worth it, i just hope not to wait so long to see them again. One of my best days of my life :)

would you happen to know what font is used throughout the alien days music video? i'm trying to look for it online, but i don't even have a name

Andrew answered back to a fan about this on twitter when the video came, it was made by the art department on set. (x)

MGMT at Hellow Festival, 9/20/14.

MGMT at Hellow Festival, 9/20/14. x

MGMT @ Hellow Festival, 9/20/14.

Photos by Feli Gutiérres

MGMT at Hellow Festival, 9/20/14.

MGMT at Hellow Festival, 9/20/14.

MGMT - Flash Delirium Live at Hellow Festival


LIMA: MGMT will be performing in Peru for the first time ever this November! Catch the show at Parque de la Exposición on November 4th. Also appearing will be special guests The Drums & Delta Venus. Click here for info:

MGMT at Hellow Festival, 9/20/14.

Photo by Israel Martínez.


MGMT Monterrey México  Hellow Festival 

MGMT at Hellow Festival 9/20/14

Photos by Pablo Navarrete